05, Nov, 2020
What is a consolidation loan?

What is a consolidation loan?

Mortgage loan for a flat, quick payday loan, car loan … An increasing number of Poles live on credit. Unfortunately, lack of control over your expenses can lead to a dangerous situation where your monthly commitments prevent the borrower from functioning normally.

Consolidation of loans is one of the most popular ways to regain financial liquidity, and thus stability and a sense of security. What is hidden under the name ” consolidation loan “? What benefits does it bring? Check!

Lifesaver for those in debt

A consolidation loan is a banking service dedicated to people who are required to pay off several installments on a monthly basis, whose total amount exceeds their capabilities. It can be simply defined as a loan enabling repayment of other receivables.

It consists of combining smaller loans and credits into one whole. A simple procedure means that instead of making three or four transfers to different banks every month, we make one payment of a smaller, more affordable amount.

Consolidation loan – benefits

Consolidation loan - benefits

A consolidation loan for companies brings a number of benefits. The most important of them include regaining stability, financial liquidity and a sense of security. The amount and schedule of installments are adapted to the individual capabilities of the debtor.

In addition, paying off one loan is much more convenient than remembering to have to make several transfers every month.

Where to look for help?


Applying for a consolidation loan yourself can be a difficult task for a layman. The whole process will significantly improve the use of the services of a company dealing with credit intermediation. Experienced advisors who have the right tools and knowledge of the credit market will help you find the optimal solution for each individual case.

To be sure that your bank will approve your loan consolidation application, it is worth submitting it before the problem with paying off your debt is very serious.